Les Garrigues

Les Garrigues

Foment Agricola de les Garrigues, S.A is a food company especialized in the cultivation processing, and packaging made of nuts.

His history goes back to 1982, starting the first plantations of pistachios in the Iberian Peninsula.

The pistachio adventure continues with the walnuts and actually with the selection of the best vintages of a whole range of nuts, in order to serve the best quality nuts.

In our facilities we are selecting the fruits, calibrating, roasting, frying, salting, caramelizing, packing and vacuum compensated to keep all the freshness and flavour of nuts ready to consumption.

Les Garrigues


We focus on quality, service and satisfy of our customers taking his exquisite taste of the nut.

Our plantation are in Maials right next to our production center.

We elaborate our nuts with different processes wich allows us to offer a wide variety of products.

Les Garrigues

Our History

The Foment Agricola de les Garrigues begins in 1982, pistachios in the lands of Maials, with sustitutive tree of almond and olives of trees of the ancient drylands

In 1997 it opens the factory in Sant Marti de Sarroca with the range of processed nuts is expanded, roasting, frying, caramelized, choco and pasta, vacuum packaged in glass.

In 2014 we moved to Maials next to our pistachios fields for the processing and elaboration of more range of nuts.

2017 the factory in Maials expanded with new instalation and office.

2020 in process of obtaining the IFS certificate, expanding amb modifying our facilities for the new normative, as well as expanding the Quality department.


Ofer our customers best quality and personalized service.


Be a leading company of Premiu product within the fruit dried market.


We carry out the production of nuts in the most traditional way to maintain all its flavour and organoleptic characteristics that caracterize it.