The dried fruit without any elaboration to guarantee the 100% of its natural properties. Gluten free product.

Consumption recommendations: ideal for healthy recipes, for athletes, for elaborate enery bars, butter making, butters bread, salads, carpaccio, pate, cakes, etc ...

Common Almond Skin

Common Almon

Sliced Almond

Largueta Almond

Marcona Medium Peeled Almond

Marcona Peeled Almond

Stick Almond

Raw Hazelnut Skin

Peeled Hazelnut

Almond Grain, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Pecan Walnut or Pistachio Grain


Natural Mix

Middel Country Walnut

Middle Pecan Walnut

Middle USA Walnut

Walnut Chunk USA

Pasta and Flour Pistachio, Hazelnut or Almond

Spanish Pinenut Kernel

Peeled Pumpkin Pipe

Peeled Sunflower Seed

Pistacho Inshell

Pistachio Kernel

Green Pistachio

Les Garrigues

Packaging Formats

Below we show you the different formats in which we pack our products, so that they maintain all their properties, aroma and flavor.